Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, I’m here to rap
About the legal world, ain’t no cap
Is the AR-15 lightning link legal, you may ask
So let’s dig into it, no need to wear a mask
In some states, they say it’s okay to grow pot
So check out the legal states to grow pot, give it a shot
Need a good lawyer, Rockwell Legal Group’s got your back
Rockwell Legal Group, no need to unpack

Want to join Deloitte as a consultant, what’s the deal?
Check out the Deloitte consultant requirements, see if it’s ideal
What’s the legal definition of homicide, you may wonder
Alder Law Group in Utah, they’re no legal blunder
Need expert guidance, Cunningham Law Group’s who you seek
Cunningham Law Group, they’re humble yet unique

Forming an LLC in California, what’s the cost?
Wondering if trading is legal in Colombia, don’t get lost
For the legal lowdown on trading in Colombia, we’ve got the gist
Rajasthan Law Department’s latest notification, don’t resist
For all your legal needs, just give them a twist
So there you have it, a legal rap so fine
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